Cardio training


CARDIO (aerobic training)

The desire to lose excess body fat is a major cause of starting CARDIO. Aerobic training is a highly intensive and prolonged.

Examples of aerobic training is:

  • running
  • exercise bike
  • swimming
  • aerobic

Training designed to lose body fat, weight loss – should be so gentle (do not run out of oxygen in the body, which is necessary to burn fat). We need to exercise only slightly accelerated breathing, preventing breath. A good measure of practical breath control is the ability to talk while running. If we lack the breath, we do not have a problem with regular speech during the run, this is the first symptom too high blunt. Another way is to measure the pulse, the optimum value should be 130/ min.

Our Cardio training should be long – burning fats (fatty acids) usually starts after 20-30 minutes after the aerobic. In the first slot phase of 20-30 min. we are lose up sugars that we have in the body (muscle glycogen). So to lose fat we should do longer – 40-60 minutes or even 90 minutes.

Cardio Training – At least 2 times per week

The best frequency of aerobic exercise is to perform it every second day

  • One day is a training day
  • Second day is a relax day

Your body have the time to relax but positive impact workout does not have time yet to disappear once you start the next training.

Cardio Training – minimum two times a week

Training the less frequently you will not be able to increase significantly its capacity and every week would almost like to start over.

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