Cellulite –who shot you with rice?:)

Yes, those words were my friend’s comment of cellulite on my tights. It is a small “nightmare” of many of us ;). How to effectively get rid of cellulite? The first step is to get rid of one is to burn fat. You can achieve it thanks to a protein diet and various exercises.

Those are the main facts related to cellulite:

  1. Cellulite is something more than just a problem with fat. It is a problem with fat and collagen fibers
  2. Cellulite affects women more often than men because the collagen fibers are vertically arranged with them
  3. Wrinkled skin with hollows which appear in the cellulite is caused by the accumulation of fat and fluid in the pockets of collagen
  4. One of the reasons why once cellulite looks better while once it looks worse is the change in the distribution of fluids. It becomes more visible during menstruation
  5. Women have a problem with getting rid of fat of the lower parties of the body, due to the unique physiology caused by hormones
  6. Alpha-adrenergic receptors can be blocked or “passed by” if you use the right diet and certain supplementation techniques

My way to get rid of one? Exercising and a healthy diet.

And how do you deal with cellulite? Share it with us below

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