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Glycogen is a polysaccharide stored in the liver and muscles. In the liver we can find its amount there about 10% of the total weight of the organ. It is used to regulate blood glucose. Muscle glycogen is a supply of energy to the muscles and is consumed with physical exertion. In the muscles we can find there about 1,5% of the whole muscle weight. It is sufficient for physical work, depending on the type of training, from about 30 minutes to about 1.5h.

To make the Cardio training more effective it should be preceded by weight training. Taking part in a strength training, before the aerobic training we make that the most of your workout time, if not all of the aerobic training, will result in burning up fat. By doing only cardio, we lose the first 30 minutes of the training to burn muscle glycogen. Assuming that the training lasts 45 min, only about 15 minutes is devoted by us to burn fat.
Doing the same workout and preceding it by a short strength training, we can increase the fat burning time two or even three times. During a workout, regardless of its type, firstly we burn glycogen, then after it we burn fat (during CARIDO). It is easier for our body is to burn carbohydrates than fat, so it burns firstly what easier let gain more energy.
By doing strength training as the first activity (of course, after a brief warm-up) we can burn muscle glycogen thanks to exercising muscles. Muscles gain shape, become more slender, not necessarily growing.
After such workout, starting with CARIDO, the fat burning process begins with the start of CARIDO or shortly after the start of aerobic training.
So, we should focus not only on CARIDO. The strength training has a lot of positive aspects for each of us.


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