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An effective training program for you must be well planned. The most important is to connect it to your lifestyle if you want to gain good results. Trainings cannot be chosen at random or chaotically. The only way to achieve good results is to remember about your consistency and an appropriately selected training plan.image162

If you are going to work out three times a week, write it in your calendar and organize your time, so you do not have to risk missing a workout. It can be something new for you, so you should plan what you will do for a few hours before and a few hours after your workout. It is a good solution even when training becomes a habit. Then it becomes a regular part of youreveryday life. This is the key to success in the world of fitness. When you dedicate yourself fully to working out and believe that what you do is important for your health and longevity, you have a guaranteed result.

During planning your training you should take into account your current skills and achievements, so you can set yourself challenging targets. You can use the short-term goals, such as increasing the load or the number of reps / series in the exercise, as well as long-term goals for a more intense workout, such as increasing the number of circuits in the peripheral training, etc.

The basis is preparing a specific plan. One way of it is to conduct a training diary. Saving achievements helps to notice the positive changes, which greatly improve motivation and tend to look more at the amount of calories of your meals and beverages.

After a long, hard day, going to the gym may be the last thing that you really want. Because of that training plans are so important. Especially, if your goal is to reduce the weight and improve body sculpture. For many of us weight loss is not the only goal. The main objective is to keep it permanently for later. Planned trainings and the time before and after your workout will help you achieve this goal.

If you still have the problem of scheduling your first workout, you can always contact our specialists: Małgorzata Kłos and Damian Lisiński. They have a lot of years of experience in the field of trainings and diets.
Plan your tomorrow training with us today. This is the secret to your success.

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