Five times a day


The optimum amount of meals during the day is five. Many of us wonder why so much and how to squeeze those meals in the stomach during the day, especially at the very beginning when the plan is not yet implemented.
A common mistake while trying to lose weight or starting the “healthy” life style is eating too rarely…

„How to teach yourself to eat five meals a day?”
Five meals during the day, at regular intervals, every three hours.
We start with breakfast, which is a very important meal letting us start the hard day.
Breakfast, for example at 8 AM.
After 3 hours, despite the lack of a sense of hunger, you should eat such meals as for example a small yogurt. It will help you to make your organism used to the meal at a certain time.
Around 2.00 PM you should eat your lunch (the next meal), which you are used to.
After the next three hours you probably do not have a sense of hunger yet, but you still should eat a small salad or something else to accept the next meal by the organism.
At 8 PM you should eat light dinner, which is going to be your last meal.
The yogurt and salad which got included in the daily menu, are going to be gradually changed into larger portions of food.
They should have the similar amount of calories and nutritional value to the rest of the four meals.
In this way you can make your organism used to the regular and not too big meals what makes it easier to lose he additional fatty tissue. 30

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