Jogging vs Sit-ups


Why jogging rather than sit-ups?
Many people wanting to be thing and get rid of fat of their stomach pay a lot of attention to the exercises for the abdominal muscles. They make sit-ups in a lot of different ways. And… the effect is average, they can make more and more sit-ups, but they do not get rid of the fatty tissue.

It is like that because sit-ups are astrong exercise, which burn the fat in a small degree.
The AREOBIC EXERCICES have a big influence on burning your fatty tissue. They are very intense and long-lasting. They include such exercises as jogging, cycling, swimming etc.
Sit-ups, however, being aweight exercise, contribute to the development of the abdominal muscles. They make them stronger and build them, but they are still under the EXCESSIVE FATTY TISSUEand remain invisible.
Focusing on CARIDO (aerobic exercises), you can get rid of fat faster and you can make your “six pack” more visible.

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