Warming the body


Warming the body should be the one of the important elements of every workout.

Paying no attention to it can lead you to a lot of dangerous injuries. The perfect warm-up of the body should take around 10 minutes. If you do not have your own ways, you can use something from my experience and to use the following set of exercising before the training.

Since a lot of years warming-up has been helping me during working out:

  • The first part of the warm-up should include cardiovascular exercises, treadmill running, bike riding, stepper and jump rope (3-5 minutes). This part aims to increase the temperature of our body
  • The second step is to warm up the joints, especially those ones which will take an active part in a training which are going to perform. Duration: around 2 minutes
  • The third and the last part of warming up, and at the same time the beginning of the basic training, is one or two series of an exercise which is the starting point of our training, with a small load of 30-40% of the maximum weight
  • This warm-up refers to the situation before the training of certain parts of the body. In the case of the warm-up before the training without separate body parties expiries, such as Martial Arts etc.

A warm-up should include all of the joints and muscles parts. If your muscles are warmed up, you can start your training.

Remember also about the diet which is quite important during every kind of exercises www.maggediet.eu

And what are your experiences with warming-up your bodies? Do you have your favorite series of exercises? We are waiting for your comments.


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